Asphalt Maintenance

  • SEALCOATING - This is one of our specialties! We have completed hundreds of Sealcoat jobs in the upstate, NC and GA. We always try to do the job in an efficient and timely manner, so that your business is not deterred by our work. Sealcoating protects and keeps water our of your existing pavement, so that it can last years longer and you can avoid costly repairs.
  • CRACKFILLING - We only use the best materials for our crack fill jobs. All cracks in your existing asphalt are properly cleaned out before we apply a rubberized material which seals the cracks. This material is flexible, and expands and contracts as the seasons change, keeping the cracks sealed tight. This technique also keeps water out, and will give your pavement a longer life, which saves you money.
  • PATCHING/POTHOLE REPAIR - We will fix any pothole or damaged area in your existing pavement. All patches are cut our properly and new asphalt is placed back. All edges are uniform with a smooth transition from old to new asphalt.
  • SNOW/ICE REMOVAL - Not a true asphalt maintenance, but we do this in the winter to help keep busy. We'll clear the snow or ice off of your pavement and apply "ice melt" to the pavement so that your customers can continue to do business with you safely. We offer only the fastest service so that you don't have any "down time".


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